Colossians 3

Peace of Christ rule our hearts.
We are called to peace.
We are called to peace.
Word of Christ dwell in us.
Dwell in us richly as we teach.

We bring our hymns and our psalms.
We sing our spiritual songs.
We lift the thanks of our hearts to you Father
In the name of Your Son.

© 2020 JG Songs
CCLI Song # 7163732

It was Pandemic Time (aka Lockdown 2.0) in the UK and we were all meeting online. My wife and I were recording our own versions of songs for services because the church didn’t have a license to stream the original recordings. The minister who was leading the next service had told me that he was preaching on Colossians 3 and, when I read the passage, verses 15 and 16 stood out to me.

I was very encouraged to hear a few weeks later that the minister had enjoyed the song so much he was using it in his own devotional time. That was a significant moment for me in terms of valuing the gift of songwriting.

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