Your Light Has Come

Lift your head raise your eyes look around,
Your light has come.
Your light has come.
Light the world heal the earth bear the Christ,
Your light has come.
Your light has come

Come to him if you are burdened.
Come let him comfort your soul.
Jesus gives rest to the weary.
He can make broken ones whole.

Though you may walk now in darkness,
Toil in a dry barren place,
Jesus will soon rise upon you.
His glory will shine from your face.

Refrain words and music © 2009 Richard Bruxvoort Colligan
Published by Discipleship Ministries,
PO Box 340003, Nashville TN 37203.
Used by permission.

Verse words and music © 2021 JG Songs,
CCLI Song # 719254

In preparation for Advent one year, I was looking through the suggestions on the Singing from the Lectionary website. It was there I came across a link to a small refrain by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan on the The United Methodist Church website.

My immediate thought was that, although it was beautiful, it really needed some verses. I grabbed my guitar and very quickly came up with a melody. The verse lyrics came from meditating on what Richard had already written in the refrain and scriptures that tied in with this. It all came together quite effortlessly.

With some trepidation I then contacted Richard via his website and shared a recording with him. He was, thankfully, delighted at the addition. This was the first time I’d ever collaborated in such an unexpected way.

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