I started JG Songs because I simply didn’t know what to do with the songs I was writing. Yes, I can play some at Teesside Vineyard Church where I help lead musical worship in the northeast England. But I can’t introduce them all, and frankly some of them are more for when you just want a good cry by yourself at home in the dark.

I know there are people out there who might appreciate this music, and even some churches who might find some of the songs useful for their gathered worship. If so, JG Songs is here to make that happen. If not, at least I’ve finally got round to organising the songs I’ve been given over the years.

Oh, and what does JG stand for? Well it might be as sublime as Jesus Glorified, or as cheeky as Just Great. Or it could simply be something mundane like my initials: John Grummitt. Yeah, probably that.


You might be wondering what the colours are that accompany every song. They reflect the different kinds of song on offer: