There’s nothing I can see.
There’s nothing I can be.
Nowhere in my soul
Feels as if it’s whole.

There’s nothing I can bring.
There’s nothing I can sing.
Nothing I can find
Gives me peace of mind.

You spoke into darkness.
You said let there be light.
If my darkness is where Your light shines,
My darkness cannot put it out

There’s nothing I can do.
There’s nothing except You.
Come and take the fear
You may not draw near.

© 2020 JG Songs

i wrote this for Resound Worship’s 12 Song Challenge when the monthly challenge theme was mental health. I often struggle with depression, and a close friend of mine suffers far worse and had actually had a breakdown a few years prior to this. I wrote this with both of us in mind.

I wanted a song that expressed how I and he feel sometimes but which allowed for light in darkness. For the chorus, I merged the “Let there be light” verse from Genesis 1 with the “The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not overcome it” verse from John 1. The verses basically describe how I feel much of the time.

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