Please Renew

Please renew. Please restore.
Please make room in our hearts for more
Of Your touch and Your ways.
May our lives be filled with Your praise,
For the sake of the glory of Your name.

Please inspire us to love.
May our deeds be those You desire of.
Help us to share. Help us to give
Our lives that others might live,
For the sake of the glory of Your name.

Renew our desire to seek You
For in seeking we shall find.
Renew our desire to listen
That we might know Your mind.
Let us thirst. Let us hunger
For more of You Spirit of love.
Renew our desire

Let us be salt and light.
Arm us now to fight the good fight.
In Your love make us strong,
Knowing the victory is won,
For the sake of the glory of Your name.

© 1996 JG Songs
CCLI Song # 2297356

During a time when I was leading musical worship at a church in Stockton-on-Tees in the UK, there was very much a longing in prayer meetings and sermons for a deeper experience of God. This was focussed on meeting the great needs in the community immediately around the church. This song came out of a desire for more of God so that we could take more of Him to that community.

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